Burger King to remove all plastic toys from its junior meals


Burger King is to remove all plastic toys from junior meals from September 20th.

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Melt down: Credit Burger King

The burger chain said: “We are melting down plastic toys for good! Just bring in your unwanted plastic toys to our restaurants and we’ll recycle them into new ways to play! Show your toy at the counter between 19th September and the 30th September and you’ll get a free King Junior meal.”

Not a bad deal so head down to your nearest Burger King, rivals McDonalds is also taking action to reduce plastics, they have taken out plastic straws for drinks and also replaced Mcflurry lids, the US company is giving a choice for its happy meals either a bag of fruit or a small book, trials will continue through to 2020.

The nearest Burger King to Trafford is at the Intu Trafford Centre 0161 747 5768, Altrincham had a Burger King for a while in Broadheath however it ended up being squeezed out by rival McDonalds and the restraunt lost money and closed down.

The world is full of plastics and any reduction in its use is helpful, recycling any plastics is also useful.

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