Thousands march to send the message home to policticans they need to take Climate Change more seriously

Our view on Climate Change

Thousands of people around the world marched to send the message to politicians that we need to take climate change seriously.

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Climate Change is very real and people around the world are becoming increasingly concerned about the way world leaders and our political people back at home are doing very little about helping our planet.

Trafford Council are incredibly poor at tackling anything that contributes to Climate Change, do next to nothing about cleaning up our air, although they have done something with recycling.

More needs to be done! for everyone on this planet this is a climate emergency and we cannot accept the normal thing where political people put it all under the carpet waiting for everyone to go silent, this happens with everything! it is unacceptable anyway! putting our worries about Climate Change under the carpet is just adding to the problem.

We are fully aware though that a bigger issue is not being addressed here and that is ‘Solar Minimum’ it is incredibly scary that nothing much in the national media is said about it, and this really must change.

According to NASA  and others, the world is approaching a Solar Minimum and currently we are in the 24th cycle, once we hit the 25th cycle this will be bad for some of the world, although nothing on the scale of the issues in the early part of the last century.

With this Solar Minimum and Climate Change it will be like a double blow for the world, it is great to see all the kids come out and show how they feel, more of this needs to be done, it’s sad though that no matter what people do, the politicians will try and still put it all under the carpet…the easy thing to do!

We want Trafford councillors to do much more, where possible get cycling infrastructure in place, close of some roads that are not needed, we can think of one right now! Covershaw Lane heading to Partington, cars and buses can go down the wider Moss Lane onto Warburton Lane!

Make no doubts about it, even if Trafford do wake up to this climate crisis it will also mean the residents need to help out also and having seen what issues the Manchester Marathon have had in the past we can see everyone loves being in the car, not thinking about the air they and their kids are breathing in, not thinking ever about the thousands of deaths each year in Trafford due to their exhaust fumes…this needs to change! and we are confident residents in this borough will do the right thing,

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