Thomas Cook passengers in Orlando had more worries as the repatriation aircraft suffered a malfunction

Thomas Cook passengers stranded at Orlando Airport had to wait for news about a repatriation aircraft that suffered a systems malfunction SW of Ireland.

Screenshot 2019-09-24 at 11.41.35 PM

Atlas Air lands safely at Shannon Airport: Credit Flightradar 24

The Atlas Air 747 flight came to land at Manchester during the afternoon from New York and took off again during early evening, all was fine until the repatriation flight suffered some problems (according to Aviation Herald).

Looking back on Flight Radar 24 we can see the aircraft was in a holding pattern 38,000 ft in the air a few miles from the coast of Southern Ireland.

The captain of the flight told Shannon ATC of the problems and landed safely at the airport with 20 crew on board.

It was around 16-hours later the aircraft was fixed by engineers and was underway again to pick up passengers from Florida.

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