Tears on faces as a mental health charity in Sale shuts it’s doors for the last time

New Way Forward at the methodist church on The Avenue in Sale has had to close its doors for the last time today (Sept 30) due to a lack of funding.

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New Way Forward

Funding for the Park House mental health drop-in on Northenden Road in Sale was also a problem and that including the Mental Health Advocacy Service had to close down, it was all knocked down and now sits a very nice housing development.

Blu Sci is currently the only places for those with mental health issues to visit and the Coppice Avenue building although run well does not have the same isolated room as the New Way Forward service which people liked.

The other two Blu Sci centres are in Timperley and Old Trafford, it is thought many of the New Way Forward users will end up at the Old Trafford centre.

Trafford councillors and those involved with running New Way Forward must get around a table though and see what they can do to save this little charity, make it work so those vulnerable people have somewhere to go where everyone knows each other.

The hardest time for people who often have no family or next to no support is at Christmas and New Year, this little room at the back of the Methodist Church on the Avenue in Sale helped these people during the days, they will no longer have this and so this Christmas and New Years will be extra hard for the most vulnerable people in society.

We are not going to start making this a political thing when both the Tories and Labour needed to work together to make sure New Way Forward was able to operate and actually make it a better service as during the past year or so despite it being important to people the room did need some attention and more staff was needed removing the need for service users to take over the running of the service.

This is a really sad day for those people who used the New Way Forward service, some have been friends for years will now no longer see each other, and so no longer have the support they once had which will make things very hard for them.

Mental health advocacy much like the drop-in service at Park House desperately needs to be returned to Trafford, we are aware and have covered press releases for Advocacy Focus which do a really good job for people, they do not have a drop in and this was loved by the community.

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