Wild weather set to get worse as we approach the solar minimum

We are now fully into Autumn (Fall) and heading into the winter months which is set to get more wild as we approach the solar minimum.

Many people will associate weird weather with climate change.

This winter it is predicted that we will see much colder weather with more snow than we have seen for a while, more windy days and storms, flooding will increase as our rivers,canals and brooks are already very full even without the rainfall this could be associated with climate change.

Yesterday here in Trafford our cameraman captured on video a weird and sudden storm, he tells us that before hand the sky was fine with scattered clouds although in the distance darker clouds could be seen.

Then suddenly it was if someone had dumped a tornado and about a weeks rain on the area he was in, it was very wild and gladly got into shelter from the elements, more of these sudden weather events will happen so always bring a jacket with you.

The solar minimum is approaching, all this means is the sun goes into sleepy mode and could last for many years! although we are reliably told it will not be as bad as the maunder minimum which if it happened in modern day times we would fall apart at the seams.

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