Manchester Half Marathon road closure information

The Manchester Half Marathon gets underway on Sunday which means road closures.


Grumpy Batman: Pic Darren Marsden

Thousands of people will take part in the half marathon which starts in Old Trafford on Sunday and mostly have a great time, it is hoped with this marathon runners do not start throwing bottles at people, we spotted several throwing bottles at children!

The road closure information can be found by clicking HERE and the diversions can be found HERE

As ever we offer some good running advice:

  • Do not run in brand new trainers!
  • Make sure you wear the right socks, forget cheap in this race
  • Think lightweight, everything to the minimum or you will suffer


  • Head up
  • Knees up
  • Toes up

Most often new runners will go off too fast, the adreneline kicking in with excitement and that dream of the medal at the end can make you think wrong, do not go out fast! keep calm and run with as less effort as you can for the entire race unless you have a little bit in the tank at the end then give it a little bit more.

It is a fact that you save energy by keeping your head up and looking to the horizon, and faster if you can keep your toes up on contact with the ground, which will keep your legs moving in a cyclic type technique.

Eat next to nothing the night before, no drink! and bring with you some energy bars, people bring sweets for that sugar rush, this is not a good idea as you could end up having an energy dump soon after.

If you are running in the half marathon we wish you all the best.

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