Huge 5G mast to go up next to McDonalds near Trafford Retail Park in Urmston

EE and Three are to install a 20 metre tall 5G mast and new cabinets on Neary Way in Urmston.

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The current mast is a 4G mast and stands at just under 15 metres tall and has less power than the 5G mast which no one anywhere has safety tested.

Three areas of the UK have already halted the rollout of 5G over safety fears, today we have heard Brighton has also halted the 5G rollout.

Trafford Council and its councillors are blinkered to the public’s concerns and often tell them what the networks are saying which is not saying anything about safety, the ICNIRP also cannot prove the safety of a 5G mast.

To make this completely clear to our readers. 5G is not the same as what we have always had, of course, it might be in similar and much taller poles but the difference is the power, 5G uses a frequency the same as a microwave, 4G does not 3G does not and 2G has very little power to harm anyone.

5G once the antennas are fitted to the lampposts will follow you everywhere, you cannot hide from this technology this is known as beamforming, this is where it gets dangerous to not only humans but our pets and wildlife.

You must not accept 5G, it has never been proven safe, if we get the proper documents to prove once and for all it is safe and not some presumption from ICNIRP, WHO (World Health Organisation) or PHE (Public Health England) we will give you all this information and will not say any more about 5G other than what benefits it will bring.

Although your councillors are sadly dumbed down here in Trafford and more interested in their expenses, do not give up! we contacted a councillor in Urmston about the Higher Road mast but she did not respond.

Contact them as soon as you can to halt these 5G masts in Urmston, we have to add that the McDonalds at Trafford Retail Park is not affected by this mast at this time as the new 5G mast still needs to be approved by Trafford Council although we expect it to pass unless the residents and the business at the retail park get together and stop this mast from being approved until its been ‘Proven’ not presumed as safe.

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