Warnings issued after firworks explode next to a landing aircraft at Barton Airport

City Airport Manchester (Manchester Barton) has issued a warning after a couple of fireworks exploded next to a landing aircraft.


Fireworks event: Credit Barton Airport Saldord

The incidents happened last night and again tonight (October 19th.)

A spokesperson for Barton Airport has said:

This evening whilst we were still open, yet again more fireworks launched under our final approach. All such activity is being reported to the police who are investigating. Endangering the safety of aircraft is a criminal offence and will be taken very seriously. We appeal for some common sense!

The CAA (Civil Aviation Authotity has placed bans for firework displays and for people to let of the occasional firework or two, the crew of an aircraft no matter how big or small can be distracted which puts everyone in serious danger

Another warning was issued by Barton Airport tonight:

** Important notice ** Please can we stress how dangerous and stupid and irresponsible it is to let fireworks off in the close vicinity of an active airport. We’ve just had at least two fireworks set off on underneath our main runway approach, one of which exploded directly next to a landing aircraft which then aborted its landing.

You can find out more about firework safety and other things that could distract an airline pilot by clicking this CAA LINK

Barton will be themselves holding a special bonfire night event on November 2nd between 4 and 10pm you can get tickets to the event by clicking HERE

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