Your guide on the best waterproof footwear on the market

Here is your guide to the best waterproof footwear on the market.

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Adidas Gore-Tex and Terrex trainers: Image credit Adidas

Without question the best trainers and hiking shoes tested are made with Gore-Tex, we put Adidas as our number one for full protection even in the snow!

They did more than just keep water out but kept the feet comfortable and locked in which is important and keeps your feet free from injuries.

We tested Reebok Gore-Tex trainers as they were under £40 from MandM direct sadly and surprisingly these trainers lasted no more than 10 minutes in moderate rain! the reason for this is because of the stitching and no DWR.

If you are looking for something waterproof and cannot afford anything with Gore-tex inside them you are best getting a pair of trail trainers, Adidas does a ‘Terrex’ range which is breathable and fairly waterproof.

Hiking shoes are another good way to keeping your feet dry, you can buy some with Gore-Tex inside or just some with a DWR sprayed on the outside and some are very comfortable.

Karrimor is ideal for the price and quality, do not be put off by cheaper brands, some of the most waterproof jackets are under £40! remember these facts, check the sole out and the tread, you need some shock-absorbing qualities from the sole and the insole.

When you get home although the firm will have added some DWR to your hiking shoes or boots it would be a good idea to spray some NixWax on them as soon as you get home, getting it on when they are clean is crucial for not only waterproofing but also for breathability.

Merrell is another great brand although more expensive do some reliable and excellent footwear as does some of the bigger names on the high street, Berghaus and The North Face these are at the top of the list for hiking shoes and boots, having tested Berghaus without Gore-Tex we can say for sure these are the best without adding any DWR on them.

The problems with hiking boots are breathability, so you must choose the right footwear for the occasion, and of course, choosing the right socks is also important.

Football trainers are not bad with being water-resistant and some DWR would be of no use since the ball would rip it all up, we know though some people wear football trainers for cycling as some of us cannot get used to cycle shoes, if this is the case and you are not using for football then a DWR is recommended.

For something to be waterproof it needs that DWR so rain just beads off the fabric, once it starts to soak in this is when the jacket or trainers start leaking and that is bad more so when the weather becomes cooler.

So keep your feet happy this winter buy some good waterproof trainers or hiking boots and remember the DWR for everything if you want to stay dry and comfortable.

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