Manchester Marathon organisers could end giving out water bottles to runners for future events

Manchester Marathon organisers could end giving runners water bottles in next years full and half marathons.

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At this year’s half marathon a drinks station was trialled out and the organisers have said if it went well with runners they will have this instead of giving out water bottles.

Sustainability is central to next years goals and more can be read about this HERE

We are very pleased with the organisers of the marathon for understanding and looking at our evidence that runners were not behaving in the right way and in our video proved that slam dunking bottles and throwing them full of water very close to spectators instead of the bins provided could have caused a nasty accident.

Several spectators and some that did not want to watch the marathon did find themselves ducking a few times as these heavy bottles came flying at them often at a very fast speed.

It is also a good thing that the organisers are fully aware and doing something to get rid of plastic use, this is an environmentally sound way of doing things and they will no doubt have the respect of everyone for doing something to protect our planet.

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