Political madness as a General Election to take place in December

After years of Brexit insanity the UK is now facing a General Election either on the 12th of December.

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The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn decided that he would now get one of the biggest general election campains this country has ever seen underway soon, although the date has yet to be confirmed and will be decided in Parliament.

Boris Johnson was defeated in the first vote as he needed 320 to get a general election he only managed to get 299 votes.

However now the general election will take place would the public be interested so close to Christmas? lots of people will be focused more on Christmas and not politics at this time of year and could cause a voter backlash.

A General Election would be best in the new year for the politicians and for the public who would be more likely to turn out.

It is also true that having a general election would not help with the Brexit crisis, although if Labour got back in would be of relief to the most vulnerable in society and the promise of getting rid of the Universal Credit must be a vote winner.

From tonight onwards now we know the date of the general election everyone will be talking turkey at the doors, promising the earth offering very little, it is with hope if you do turn out to vote to remember what the Tories have done whilst in government and not what they are promising.

Looking at the amount of deaths they have caused due to austerity, the amount of hardship that people have had to go through due to Universal Credit a benefit that was only designed to knock people off benefits, this is fine if people can find work! many cannot and that is not an excuse for those that would prefer to sit at home watching daytime tv.

The majority of people want to work, a DWP worker told us “We understand that their are no jobs for people to go into but the government do not care.”

Remember the way they got rid of all of our youth centres which has seen a backlash from our kids using parks as ghettos and sadly now copying London with the knife attacks.

And here in Trafford on a local level the Tory administration selling off all our front line services for a very long time to a dodgy company that had problems in other councils previously!

Of course on the other hand with Trafford Labour now in charge of the council what have they done? nothing much for the kids! spending millions on the court house and still it stands with nothing happening, could that not have been converted into some entertainment infrastructure? with a place for martial arts and other things, a conference room and one for the kids?

The way the Trafford Labour group speak to other councillors is shocking! others have also told us they do not like the cheeky behavouir and should be more professional and setting an example, this is not helpful to not only the local party but also to possible votes in the general election.

Having a £35,000 deficit in pothole repairs is also not helpful, and as they stated in a recent meeting funding for adult social care is going the wrong way! who is doing the financial work these days? time for a change or a bit of a talk to get that under control.



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