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At a local and national level, the Tories have done some serious damage to society, to our country,

Labour has been a dreadful opposition with the others we see Lib Dems accelerating up the ladder and Jo Swinson voted in as leader of the party.

We have to remember that the Tories never won the last time around and needed the DUP to keep them in government, let’s look at the facts, not the fiction.

The NHS will be sold off if the Tories get back in, they always wanted a US-style health care system, nothing for the free thing! they have killed it off despite the claims of funding!

Trafford General has lost its A&E unit and resuscitation unit under the Tories leaving people from areas like Partington having to go to Wythenshawe or Manchester Infirmary miles out! our GPs are struggling although continue to do so under Trafford Labour rule.

Part-time doctors should be banned with immediate effect in our opinion, its wrong and put patients at risk more so the most vulnerable.

Boris Johnson claims to be introducing more police on our streets, 20,000 or so! the Tories cut much more than that previously, all he has done is put a plaster on a cut! what people need is for the outdated laws to be changed to help officers who often do not fully understand the jobs they are doing regarding the law or get lazy with it which ends up in someone being arrested and locked up for a night costing you the taxpayer.

Universal Credit was introduced and millions of pounds of your money waisted on failures, they continued with this dreadful benefit even though they knew it was causing hardship in communities even suicides! they still rolled it out, of course, the idea of this benefit was to get people off it not keep them on it, the problem the government forgot was simply ‘There were no jobs for people to go into that was not skilled”

A DWP spokeswoman told us that they felt really sorry for everyone but could do nothing and agreed about the lack of jobs for unskilled people to go into, one thing mentioned also and no one can argue with is “Who would take someone who has probably never worked or has been unwell for a very long time ahead of someone with no issues and had lots of jobs in his or her time” a good point the government could not see.

We agree though people are better in work than on benefits, we probably all agree with this, to do the right thing though is not to push them on an evil benefit that takes up to 5 weeks or even longer to get, to push people off the edge of the cliff like the Tories have done all this time.

Doing the right thing has been very hard under the Tories, anyone noticed they dropped the Labour bankrupted the country? no mention for ages! why? simply because they have borrowed and waisted more money in the time they have been in government than at any time when Labour was in power!

Still, on benefits look at what they have done to disabled people! hundreds of thousands of people have died because of benefit cuts, people with serious conditions being turned away at often embarrassing assessments, those with mental health issues being treated so bad some have committed suicide according to the documents read.

At a local level here in Trafford the Tories ruled for many years, and in these times of needless austerity got rid of many of our youth centres and left us with just two Sure Start centres, hitting the most vulnerable in society.

They decided to sell off all our front line services to a seemingly dodgy company that was dumped by a couple of council’s previously for poor performance issues, selling them off for 25-years! this is insane! it means the council under any administration would find it difficult to boot out due to the amount it would cost to dump them.

If you think we are letting Trafford Labour off you can think again! since coming to power they have done nothing for kids other than shutting a few roads! they are the most cheeky people, big-headed and could never talk to people the way they do out in the real world away from the protected bubble they hide in.

They have no clue at all about pollution, and it was they who decided for the council to call a climate emergency! the councillors do not act upon concerns from the public regarding 5G and all the trees that are being felled and yes many are healthy! we can also say The Trafford Green Party have also gone silent which is a disgrace more so as the trees being felled are in the Altrincham area.

Trafford Labour accounts seem a little off track also, they have just declared they borrowed millions to buy Stretford Mall and other things which include apartments in Manchester City Centre, whilst they will see some return on the buying of shopping centres we feel it is risky business since they cannot even afford to fill a £35,000 gap to make sure our roads are safe this winter.

How much money is left to do fill in the potholes and resurface poor roads is anyone’s guess! it seems Trafford Labours policy of road safety needs some attention, although they did help ‘Washway Road Action Group’ to install bollards and trialled out a traffic scheme on ‘The Drive’ in Sale nothing else has happened and it is hoped no serious incidents happen at this dangerous junction or the council will be counting the costs!

Think before you go out and vote! this is a chance for real change, this is not just about Brexit!

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