Half a million activists help make pharmaceutical firm Pfizer ban the forced swim test

Half a million activists get pharmaceutical company ‘Pfizer’ to ban the mice and rat ‘forced swim test’

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According to PETA (People for the ethical Treatment of Animals) Pfizer has committed to banning of the forced swim test the third firm this year to do so.

The forced swim test is brutal, scientists drop a perfectly healthy mouse or rat into a beaker of water and like anything would fight to keep alive, the rodent will after a while give up hope and just float, maybe out of fear or just tiredness.

Crazy scientists believe this is close to when we have depression and inject loads of medications into it and study the effects, these tests we have read have a 0% success rate.

Other companies Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca and other big pharma companies have ended these brutal and unfair tests on harmless rodents.

This is a huge victory for PETA and the activists including News4Trafford who helped get big pharma to end this barbaric test, we can do more and end the brutal and completely useless cat and dog tests, and end the brutal way they harm horses for blood products, horses are very clever animals and need to be protected no matter what and we will fight with PETA and all activists to get this change.

Sadly at this time two companies mentioned by PETA have not followed the others they are named as Bristol Myers Squibb and the more recognised name Eli Lilly, put your name to the cause and get these other two firms to follow the others and ban the forced swim test by clicking https://support.peta.org/page/7704/action/1?locale=en-US

PETA neuro-scientist Dr. Emily Trunnell said.

 “Pfizer has used at least 1,270 mice and rats in such experiments, and in the 18 years that publications show that the company has used the test, it hasn’t led to any marketable drugs to treat human depression.”

“Nearly drowning mice is yesterday’s science, and Pfizer knows it,”


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