Some things good many things bad with Trafford’s front line services in 2019

Since October Amey have messed up big way, and people in the borough are very angry with the shoddy services they are getting.


From missing bin collections to pavements with a pile of leaves on them to potholes not being repaired many people are rightly slating the Amey and One Trafford.

What residents should not be doing is giving the political councillors a red ear, they can only do so much and report issues just like everyone else, they can put pressure on the leader of Trafford to act, however even he cannot do very much with the length of contract agreed by the Tories, it would bankrupt the council if it decided to dump Amey.

A resident in Sale had to sweep up a bin of leaves leaving him incredibly frustrated, we have heard from another resident about missing bin collections that have been going on for sometime with the endless excuses from One Trafford.

Leaving the leaves on pavements is incredibly dangerous since the pavements are not that safe to begin with, we have seen for ourselves how many slabs of concrete that make up some paths are sticking out too much or are broken, this is not good for someone who is blind or someone disabled.

Wet leaves are even more dangerous and we have seen Washway Road being under a mass of leaves for about two weeks now, and the situation gets worse by the day, the problems are from Homelands Road to Langdale Road south bound and from Alma Road south bound to The Drive.

School kids and parents have to walk along the path on Washway Road to and from Tyntesfield School in Sale and are finding conditions very slippy and dangerous due to the leaves.

For a council that claims it believes in the safety of its residents this is not the way to go about it.

We have contacted One Trafford to get the leaves cleared up as soon as possible in the areas we have mentioned, as for the bins issue this is an on-going problem where a new route has come into affect and it has been a disaster, management obviously need to manage this better and admit things are not going to plan and go back to what we had before.

Residents deserve better than this, they pay a lot of money for a shoddy service, although the current Trafford Labour administration cannot do much about Amey due to the huge contract the previous Tory administration left the borough in,  tied down with like some mega debt! they can show some balls and get around a table and give Amey bosses a red ear about what is going on and address the issues with immediate effect.

Over the year we have seen contractors ripping up our green spaces, Walton Park football pitch was almost ruined at one point with just about everyone complaining, other parks had a similar problem, residents complained to News4Trafford and we got on to it for them, within a week the grass areas was sorted out to which we pay some respect to One Trafford.

IMG_4369 (2)

A huge political bit of graffiti was sprayed over a wall on the otherside of Brooklands Cemetery just before Brooklands Bridge in Sale on the Canal tow path side, we reported this in and although the cleaning team made an initial mistake, One Trafford got back on to it and it was removed.

So in part One Trafford have done some good work through 2019, its just a shame as the winter months set in not everything is working to plan, we will get back onto One Trafford and get these leaves sorted out, the safety of everyone must be of paramount importance.


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