The simple way to get some peace of mind without the nasty side effects


As the pressures of life reach new heights some of us can fall apart at the seams, racing thoughts and sleepless nights.

gray concrete pathway besides pink flower during day

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The solution is here, a miracle maybe not but do these techniques right and you will benefit from them so much your life will change for the better.

Anyone can do these techniques, and unlike medication does not have any side effects! here we go then…

First, you will need to understand how to visualise, if you think you cannot do this I am going to ask you right now what colour os your front door! you answered correctly but how did you do this? see now you can visualise!

Sit comfortably, you will need to have quiet to do this, so turn off mobile phones and anything that could disturb you, if you are on your own and know a parcel is coming wait until its come.

Shut your eyes, keep arms in a comfortable position take a nice deep breath and relax, now in your mind visualise a garden, any garden, green grass, flowers all types of plants apart from Giant Hogweed! in this garden you are creating make sure trees are present, however, no one is allowed in this garden, no animal, no birds, no aircraft or insects, just you and your garden are allowed here.

Make sure the day is bright and the sky is blue and the sun shining.

Now you have created this garden build a path! any path just make sure its strong, and at the end of the path come onto a bit of grass and dig a hole, you have a shovel nearby, once you have done the digging of this hole, find a pad which is on the ground with a pen and write down all your problems one by one on separate bits of paper, once done fold it up so its small and throw it into the hole, every problem must go into this hole, once happy get the spade and bury it.

All your problems are now buried, smile and walk down the path and out of your garden.

Remember throughout the technique you must try to feel the warmth of the sun, make the colours as vivid as possible to create a reality in your visualisation.

You will now be back into reality, open your eyes slowly, maybe you will want to stretch out a little.

Do this every day! already you will be feeling better, more confident! and most importantly your head will be cleared of the clutter, and you will now be sleeping better.
This technique is tried and tested and works 100% so long as you do what is asked.

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