Cabin crew on board a Manchester bound aircraft are seriously injured after unexpected turbulance

A flight from Cuba to Manchester suffered unexpected turbulance which seriously injured two flight crew members.


Thomas Cook jet over Dunham: Image Darren Marsden

The flight operated by Thomas Cook Airlines which took off from Varadero Airport in Cuba on Aug 2 2019 and landed the same day at Manchester with 11 crew and 320 passengers on board.

As the Airbus A330 was climbing the captain noticed thunder clouds in the distance and decided to switch radars so he could see the cloud conditions to avoid them, during the climb the pilot reported more turbulance as it went through the clouds and now at flight level 370, the aircraft then hit denser cloud and even more turbulance was felt so the captain decided to tell all cabin crew to take their seats.

Less than 5 seconds of making the announcement the aircraft hit even more turbulance resulting ina 500ft altitude gain and the auto pilot was disconnected, the severe turbulance lasted for around 90 seconds, along with the turbulance, hail was also heard hitting the nose of the aircraft.

One cabin crew member broke her ankle after getting her foot trapped under a catering cart that she had wedged to stop it from injuring any of the passengers, another crew member was also injured during the turbulance suffering severe bruising to her back and shoulders both were met back at Manchester by paramedics and taken to hospital.

Post flight checks shown some damage to the aircrafts radome (Radar Antenna)

No passengers were hurt during the incident although all would have been obviously concerned due to the severe turbulance.

The pilot flying the aircraft is aged 46 and has 12,136 hours flying time.

Thomas Cook Airlines sadly have since gone out of business.

You can read the full report  https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/media/5d9f2d5d40f0b668c66a427c/Airbus_A330-243_G-MLJL_11-19.pdf

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