Dr Death suicide kits for sale causes concerns for Public Health at Trafford Council

A Euthanasia kit selling for under £300 in the UK has now been seen by Public Heath at Trafford Council and are warning people about them.

The concerns are that the kits could be sold as kits for home brewing beer.

Dr Death or Dr Philip Nitschke aged 72 and from Australia was the first person to adminsiter a legal and voluntary lethal injection.

Nitschke has had a troublesome past, trying to get the world to see Euthanasia is not a mental health issue, and that it is the persons right to end his or her life when they choose to do so.

Here in the UK Euthanasia is not legal and so the kits available online are also not legal, however when bought online it is possible for these kits to get through simply because they are disguised as beer making equipment.

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DR death Philip Nitschke

Suicide is not the answer and is preventable, we know of tragic cases even younger people have died and they did not need to, if you are feeling so low that the only thing to do is commit suicide we can offer advice with these simple steps:

  • Talk to someone about your problems! bottling it up causes the mind to overload and you could so something you did not want to!
  • If you do have mental health issues or feel depressed go talk to your care co-ordinator or GP
  • Talk to The Samaritans, they are amazing people and fully understand what you are going through, it is free! they will not panic you, not wanting much information other than your name, even if you feel down they will help you, give them a call.
  • See your GP, these people see patients with all types of mental illness and simple depressions and will help get you back on your feet even if you think they cannot or no one can, a doctor can!

Any type of suicide is not the way to solve things! buying this kit is also expensive, think what £300 could get you! possibly something that could make you a happier person, spend it on yourself on nice things, get a holiday, a new bike! some football gear, perfume! anything that you want other than a dumb kit that is so rubbish it has to be disguised.

You can contact the Samaritans by calling free 116 123 or contacting them on the website samaritans.org

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