Trafford Council buys the abandoned Royal Mail delivery office in Stretford

Labour run Trafford Council has shaken hands to buy the former Royal Mail delivery office on Lacy Street in Stretford.

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Former Royal Mail delivery office: Credit Google

The Royal Mail delivery office stopped operating from the building in 2018 and was relocated to Old Trafford.

Trafford Council with Bruntwood have also bought Stretford Mall and other places in the borough.

Buying this building on Lacy Street will mean they can open up another path onto the Bridgewater Canal which is situated at the back which could form part of the councils plans for low rise accomodation on the car park.

A spokesman for Trafford Council said:

“One of our aims is to create successful and thriving places in the borough, with a particular focus on our town centres and local communities, and this deal allows us to do this. The purchase of the former Royal Mail delivery office on Lacy Street is a very important factor in terms of the regeneration of Stretford Town centre and the Lacy Street area. This could give us the opportunity to open up onto the Bridgewater Canal.

“Lacy Street is central to the Council’s vision for an improved and revitalised Stretford. Acquiring Stretford Mall was a massive boost to the area and our residents, with the opportunity for comprehensive redevelopment to also include our Lacy Street site. I know residents have been calling out for more investment in the area and we are listening to them.”


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