Labour to scrap Universal Credit and treat disabled people with respect! for us it’s a real vote winner

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Today Labour unvailed its manifesto with only days to go before one of the most important elections of our time.


The Tories shot themselves in the foot when they continued to waste money on a welfare benefit that was only meant to kick people of benefits, to make the DWP look more like a bad neighbour than a helpful and kind one.

Universal Credit is to be scrapped from day one if Labour manages to get back into power, this is a real vote winner for many people, the benefit helped no one and causes more poverty than before, the five weeks you have to wait to get this benefit is dreadful, however, the Tories could have gone the other way with this cruel benefit.

All they had to do is pay housing benefits to the landlord and pay fortnightly, this would have been an easy change and one that would have helped the Tories in this General Election, instead they called everyone on benefits liars and other brutal stereotypes that were not called for, no government has the right to treat 99.9% of benefit claimants in such a poor way.

With the Tories now saying they will end the benefits pay freeze will not help them regain any respect since all people will get is an extra 70p or something, the pay on all benefits should be updated to 2020 prices, not 1986 prices! pay these people properly so they can feed the kids and themselves with something better every night and not to worry about how much gas and electric is left on the meter.

Labour will also look after the disabled much better, many people have died due to the cuts and the way PIP doctors treated them and often ended benefits, some individuals have serious problems and has been proven by a GP! this though did not make any difference and the individual would have got a letter in the post that would have hit them for six.

Whilst some people do claim benefits and do nothing all day when they have no disabilities and are of working age they could actually do something, taking away benefits even from these people is not the way forward, all that was needed is get them on training schemes that will lead to a job, not a week-long scheme but one that lasts until someone gets a job and rewards people, maybe with free bus and tram passes or subsidised, a range of things can be done for people, taking money away from them calling them names is only going to hit their confidence, something the Tories have done.

For this to be cost-effective, Universal Credit could have been scrapped from day one and keep JSA which was working well, even though it would have cost a fair bit of money it still would have been cheaper than Universal Credit by miles with the added side effect of more happier and now more confident people so most would have gained employment!

The Tories just live in some dome with the reality on the outside!

We respect all political people and the party they are from and we wish everyone all the best in the General Election.

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