National Grid gives up its land to help create more housing in Trafford

Two National Grid sites are planned to become homes in the near future as the firm no longer needs them.

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The sites to be redeveloped are at Thomas Street in Stretford and Dane Road in Sale.

National Grid are giving away 40 sites in the North West which equals to around 200 acres of brown field land.

Here in Trafford the Dane Road site which is situated next to Sale Harriers Crossford Bridge track, it could be possible for one of the businesses to be bought by any interested developer.

The land around the Dane Road site would also have to be cleared, a bit of woodland and the trees could cause issues with TV and mobile phone signals.

With the need for more housing in Trafford and with both sites being brown field it is ideal for housing developers and National Grid are wanting anyone interested to contact them.

You can see all the sites available around the North West and contact information at the bottom https://gasworksregenerated.co.uk/

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