Trafford Police save a dogs life in Altrincham

Trafford police called at a house in Altrincham yesterday Nov 24 when they came across an abandoned dog.


The dog was very hungry and malnourished, the officers brought the dog back to Altrincham Police Station and was well looked after by everyone at the station and even named the animal ‘Sam’

After all the affection and love shown by officers it was time for the animal to get checked out by a local vet who is now looking after Sam.

Police have warned the owner will be delt with robustly as the RSPCA have the authority to prosecute.

Last year the RSPCA inestigated more than 130,000 animal cruelty cases and secured 1.678 prosecutions.

If you see any animal being treated in a bad way please use this link https://www.rspca.org.uk/whatwedo/endcruelty/prosecution and report it as soon as you can.

Local people on Facebook thanked the police who saved Sam.

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