Aussie broadcaster and author Clive James has died aged 80

Australian broadcaster and author has passed away aged 80.

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James real name was Vivian Leopold James and was born on 7 October 1938 in Sydney Australia.

His father was captured by the Japanese in WW2 he managed to survive the war camp but died in an air crash returning to Australia.

In 1962 James came to the UK to live and attended Pembroke College Cambridge to study English literature and was a contestant on University Challenge as captain of the Pembroke team.

James became a TV critic with the Observer in 1972 where he remained for a decade, he also wrote several books on poetry, he was also a Novelist and memoirist.

His TV career started by being a guest commentator on a variety of shows including one with the late Tony Wilson on the show ‘So it goes’ for Granada TV.

He hosted his own series ‘Clive James on Television, he did a holiday series in the mid 80’s

James made a documentary ‘Fame in the 20th century’ in 1993 which was broadcast in Australia, UK and the US.

He was married to Prudence Shaw in 1968, for most of his life James is claimed to have been a heavy drinker and smoker, he admitted he was suffering a type of Leukemia, things got worse when he told he had emphysema and kidney failure in 2010.

James admitted on BBC in 2015 that he was near the end of his life although thankful, up to June last year he was writing for The Guardian having a weekly column in the paper.

Sadly Clive James passed away on 24 November 2019 surrounded by his family at his home in Cambridge.

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