Extinction Rebellion to protest outside Trafford Council over Climate Change

Extinction Rebellion in Trafford are protesting outside Trafford Council tonight (Nov 27) over Climate Change.

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The council declared a ‘Climate Emergency’ roughly a year ago and has so far not adequately prioritise the Climate Emergency.

Over the past few months we have also been asking questions as to why the council continues to knock down healthy trees mostly in the Altrincham and Hale areas and have had no response from Green Party councillors, Trafford Labour did nothing when asked and only the Tories actually did show some concern however they did not get back to us about the issue.

We have had several concerned residents contacting us about all the trees coming down, of course, some will need to come down as they are either dead or diseased, shrubs and bushes need to be cut otherwise they end up growing out of control and making a mess of the place, however we know full well that the council are cutting down healthy trees and ask why this is!

From our research, it can only be for 5G, since the MMwave signals which are beamed at you! everywhere you go will not work with trees in the way.

Extinction Rebellion really needs to get on to this with immediate effect and get the councillors to halt the rollout of 5G which will be the new environmental threat which must be taken seriously.

The Protest tonight in Stretford at around 6pm will probably see Green councillors trying to make it look like they care about climate change when in reality with all due respect they have done very little and have not stopped Trafford cutting down trees which we believe is for 5G more than for the safety of residents.

Extinction Rebellion member Hannah says: “We know that people in our community are seriously concerned about local environmental issues such as air pollution and poor cycling infrastructure and many also care about global climate emergency and the role Trafford plays in reducing national carbon emissions.

“The council’s response is very disappointing and indicates a lack of understanding of the gravity of the issue, it’s time to demand better.”


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