Ancient puppy found thought to be 18,000-years-old in Siberia

A puppy has been found in Siberia thought to be 18,000-years-old.


18,000-year-old puppy : credit @Love_Dalen

Scientists carbon-dated the puppy to get some idea of how old it was, they are though not saying if it was a puppy dog or a wolf, or maybe a mix of both since at that time dogs were becoming domesticated.

What scientists can tell us that whatever it is, it is a male! more DNA testing needs to be done to reveal what the animal is.

It has been well preserved after all these years with the permafrost where it was found.

The dogs we see today were all domesticated from wolves but no one really knows when that was, so this find could provide an answer.


You can find some very interesting information on dogs https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dog

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