Amey could be sold soon which would send shockwaves in Trafford

Amey are reported at looking to sell two parts of it’s business which will send shockwaves and much relief in Trafford.



Amey’s owner Ferrovial has been reported to be looking to sell two parts of the business with one being environmental services and the other Utilities, it is thought the sale would give the owners nearer £3bn.

The news will come as a relief to residents and the council although we are not sure what will happen as of when the environmental part of Amey is sold off, it could also mean a decision on what to do with Amey which was pencilled in by Trafford councillors for early 2020 will now be changed.


Bad pitch conditions

Trafford’s residents have given Amey and the One Trafford partnership a roasting after several issues from badly cut football pitches to leaves hanging around for months, Bins are another issue this year.

We have spoken to several Amey employees in the past and all told us that they had issues with management and the seemingly complex shift patterns, many residents and councillors alike could not understand why they moved the base from Carrington to Wythenshawe, although guessing it will probably be down to money.

One of the biggest issues for our front line services in 2019 was the bin issues which continue to be problematic simply because staff are confused with shift patterns.



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