Altrincham is the happiest place in the North West according to Right Move

Altrincham has been voted the happiest place in the North West according to Right Move.

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Altrincham: Credit Google

A survey was given out to millions of people and Altrincham beat everyone to claim top spot of the Right Move happiest place table.

This award will delight the residents of Altrincham who for many years had to put up with empty shops and a lack of investment in the town centreĀ  and now have a place better than anywhere in the North West.

Altrincham has good transport links, a thriving night time economy and a busy vibrant shopping area.

Other areas in Trafford have improved in recent times, with Stretford getting the most attention, who knows maybe one day they will get to the number one spot!

Sale will be having a make over soon with the shopping centre changing, it will have a new cinema and other infrastructure that will help the night time economy and further help the shopping area to bring in new customers.

Urmston has shown the way for us on how to build a nice shopping area and give it that community feeling, people talking with each other in coffee shops and outside on a warm day, elderly people having someone to talk to in a fairly relaxed and safe setting.

Altrincham deserves this award though, the people behind the regeneration of the area, the shopping area and other work to make the area a great place to visit are amazing in what they have achieved, the incredible passion shown by those people who care about Altrincham deserve this award and long may it continue.

You can view all the information about the award for Altrincham and the position of the other areas in the North West https://www.rightmove.co.uk/news/happy-at-home/

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