UK voters tricked again as the Tories are back in power for another five years

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Boris Johnson and his Tory party have won the 2019 Brexit General Election which has sent shock waves around the country.

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Here in Trafford we saw a predictable result although the vote changed a fair bit in the Altrincham and Sale West constituency where Graham Brady managed to hold on to win with a reduced majority and Mike Kane held on to his seat in Wythenshawe and Sale East.

Kate Green held on to her seat in the Stertford and Urmston constituency.

Here are the results in Trafford:

Altrincham and Sale West:

  1. Graham Brady – Conservatives  26,311  vote change -3.0
  2. Andrew Western – Labour 20.172  -2.0
  3. Angela Smith – Lib Dems 6,036 +3.3
  4. Geraldine Coggins – Green Party 1, 566 +1.0
  5. Neil Taylor – Liberal Party 454 +0.3
  6. Iram Kiani – Independent 224 +0.4

Stretford and Urmston: 

  1. Kate Green – Labour 30,195 vote change -6.
  2. Mussadak Mirza – Conservative 13,788  no change
  3. Anna Fryer – Lib Dems 2.969 +3.9
  4. Gary Powell – Brexit Party 1.768 +3.5
  5. Jane Leicester – Green Party +1.4

Wythenshawe and Sale East:

  1. Mike Kane – Labour 23,855 vote change -8.9
  2. Peter Harrop – Conservative 13,459 +0.4
  3. Simon Lepori – Lib Dems 3,111 +3.7
  4. Julie Fousert – Brexit Party 2,717 +6.1
  5. Rob Nunney – Green Party 1,559
  6. Caroline Bellamy– Communist 58 +0.1

The vote change was from the last general election and anyone that failed to get 5% of the vote will have lost their £500 deposit.

Nationally the Tories ripped through Labour with a knife, although the exit polls suggested the Tories had won by miles and so it turned out to be true.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn continues to be an MP and must now resign as the leader, Lib Dems will also have to look for a new leader in the new year as Jo Swinson lost her seat by just 149 votes in Dunbartonshire East constituency.

The SNP did very well on the night in Scotland winning many seats from Labour and the Tories.

This General Election was about Brexit, we now have to face 5-years of Tory doom and gloom.

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