Urmston to get another 5G mast on Higher Road next year

Vodafone is to install a 5G mast on Higher Road in Urmston next year.


5G upgrade: Image Darren Marsden


The mast will be located close to the Royal Mail post or sorting offices on Higher Road and will be installed on or around 07/03/2020.

Because of the planned installation the public path near it will be closed.

We expect the mast to be 20m in height and several cabinets, it is not known if this mast will come with lamppost antennas.

Further up the road next to a gym is another mast that has or will be converted from a 4G into a 5G mast with antennas.

The public are becoming very concerned about 5g and the lack of information or support from councillors, although we now understand five councils in the UK have halted the 5G roll out until proven safe, we have asked Trafford councillors and have had no response from Labour or the Tories.

We had one response from Trafford Green Party who indicated they do not care about the 5G problem or the cutting down of the trees, something that will come to bite them come May when we have yet more elections.

The government have given mobile networks the right to plant these masts anywhere they want and do not always need plannng permission, we understand that masts in Timperley just before the Metrolink station have been converted, at this time 3g and 4g work with 5G, it is when the antennas and massive mimo transmitters are installed when things will become problematic.

We see on Facebook lots of groups against 5G, some very useful infomation to be had, although some things are not completely accurate and others are just a pile of rubbish, for the public to understand how dangerous 5G will become they need to do some research themselves.

The ‘Active Denial System’ which is always mentioned is completely different in hardware but not with the frequencies, it uses 95GHz waves to hit people, it is non lethal! however 5G could reach that level at some point, OfCOM have said the networks can have up to 300GHz! so who is to say how much power these antennas and masts will have once fully rolled out!


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