Gang of youths go on the rampage in Altrincham

Police responded after staff and members of the public called them about a gang of youths causing trouble at Altrincham Interchange.


Trams, buses and just about everything else that moved had things thrown at them, the gang which police say was 30 strong was also smoking cannabis.

As the interchange has excellent CCTV police have said they may take action if any of the youths can be identified, this made some people angry, on Twitter one user said they all should be all punished once identified.

On the GMPAltrincham Twitter account police said: “If we’re able to identify the ones through CCTV.yes.” in response to the ‘may’ take action wording from the first tweet.

If you witnessed anything you are asked to contact police on 101 or use the chat facility on the GMP website.

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