No rest for ‘One Trafford’ as Sinderland Lane’s surface rips apart

No rest for ‘One Trafford’ workers as more potholes are seen on one of the most dangerous roads in the borough.

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We counted a total of 16 dangerous looking potholes from where Sinderland Lane meets with Moss Lane in Partington and ending at Woodcote Road near Broadheath.

Many of these potholes are in the way of passing cyclists, some are so deep that drivers were seen swerving around them.

The amount of traffic on SInderland lane has increased and will continue to increase, with just one of them huge housing estates  that is to be built sson in Partington the road will be busy every day and we think the road will not be able to cope with that amount of traffic, and something needs to be done and now!

For cyclists it is always a dangerous journey with cars flying around so fast they are a danger to everyone and themselves, you can count the number of police seen on your hand during the year! now with all these potholes it is even more dangerous.

We noted also some fly tipping was still in the same spot for over a month now! a black couch is still hanging around and more bags of rubbish have been seen near Chapel Lane in Partington with one bag now ripped open this has now been reported including all the potholes.

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