We send off 2019 with the best YouTube channel of the year

We have selected the best YouTube channel of the year 2019.

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Jerry on Big Jet TV

The award won is for presenting skills, knowledge of what he or she is saying, how much effort is put into the channel and how much enjoyment he/she or they get from it.

For all those reasons and out of many checked for a few months we have selected Big Jet TV as our winner.

The presenter Jerry Dyer (listed as Jerry Dier) aged 56 is the only one listed in the company, interestingly it started as LiveIn3 Productions but changed on 24 July 2019 to BIG JET LIVE LTD.

Big Jet TV is for aviation fans all around the world, Jerry does his work from Heathrow Airport, Manchester Airport mostly in the UK, he has been seen doing live streams from America.

The presentation skills are excellent, Jerry has a funny bone and often will make you laugh with some of his comments, if you are into aviation this is the best channel.

Big Jet TV is mostly subscription-based, in fairness though it has some long spells of free-content to enjoy, subscriptions start at just 99p per month! it is of great value for the effort and dedication this man puts into his channel

We asked Danny to answer some questions we have which would have been included in this article and are awaiting a reply.

Well done to Jerry and all involved with Big Jet TV.

You can check the channel out by clicking https://www.bigjet.tv/

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