Poor air quality is killing people says Trafford Council leader

Trafford Council leader and councillor Andrew Western admits live on YouTube that the poor air quality in Greater Manchester is killing people.


Western who campaigned hard to be an MP in the Altrincham and Sale West constituency recently but lost out to Graham Brady gave the chilling statement about the poor air quality, (although most people are aware of the dangers of poor air quality)

He went on to say that the children in the poorest areas are breathing in the most pollution and he could not sleep thinking about it, yet the council is cutting down many healthy trees, parts of Trafford have never had a pollution monitor in the areas south and west of Stretford, and they dither about the areas around the M60.

Stretford councillor Stephen Adshead did say during the live stream that Highways England are responsible for their land and if they cut down all the trees and get rid of green spaces on the land they own that this is up to them and nothing the council can do about it.

Partington will suffer more in the years ahead with pollution and more people will become sick as the council thumbs up just about every housing developer who wants to build on any bit of land they have.

The more houses built the more pollution it brings with it, if you do not build any new roads you get more pollution due to the huge traffic jams, the council seem to be a bit blind to the facts.

So when Andrew Western says he cannot sleep because the dirty air we all breathe is killing us, what is the council doing to help everyone? the previous administration did nothing to help either! and sadly nothing is going to be done until 2024 and you can bet that will be delayed again! hiding behind excuses and now chilling statements is not the right way to change things, it will take someone big enough, brave enough to act and act now! not in 2024.

Cycling and walking routes should have been Trafford Council’s number one priority and nothing was mentioned not even by the two Green Party councillors said anything on the night, it would help get people out of the cars and increase fitness levels and make more people feel good.

Trafford is indeed a vehicle loving borough, nothing wrong with that however we should have safer and better cycling and walking infrastructure in all parts of Trafford, the amount of people walking and cycling down the Bridgewater Canal has increased, the facts are if its safe people will use it!

Getting people out of the car is not that simple more so when the conditions are bad, however with the quality of rainwear these days not even a bit of rain or snow can be an excuse anymore!

In the meeting, they talked about getting light goods vans scrapped as it is them that are polluting the borough! they are contributing to the poor air however just to blame them is not right, some small vans are good enough for the road, many small businesses will go under even with compensation something Councillor Evans spoke about.

The industry, of course, is one of the biggest polluters and often given a blind eye by those that claim to be watching!

As for Andrew Western, he was big enough and honest enough to admit live on YouTube that the poor air quality is killing us, it is now for him to get something done about it and at this time even though the same administration called a ‘Climate Emergency’ nothing is being done to tackle it.

The Labour-run council gave free parking over Christmas and New Year which on one side of the coin is helpful for the driver, on the other side though it is bringing in more cars something surely the council must be looking to reduce.

Cutting down all our trees so that 5G will work is not going to score them any brownie points! we do know though some trees do need to be chopped down due to disease or simply some are dead and need to be brought down for safety reasons.

Park Road lights and the junction at The Drive in Sale has caused huge traffic problems, we would say further the works to widen the A56 has been a disaster, the result is more traffic jams which will only get worse with all the new housing developments being built in Stretford, Old Trafford and in Partington and Carrington.

Clean air zones are needed now Mr Western!

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