Ukraine International Airlines Boeing 737 crashed in Tehran killing all on board

A UIA (Ukraine International Airlines) Boeing 737-800 flight PS-52 crashed shortly after take off in Tehran.

Screenshot 2020-01-08 at 10.08.43 AM

UAI crash site: image AFP

The aircraft with 167 passengers and 9 crew took off from Tehran and got to around 8000 ft when it ran into problems, having seen footage (below) of what we believe is the aircraft going down it appears to have almost stalled and then clearly an engine blows up.

After the engine had gone the aircraft had only one destination and sadly hit the ground killing everyone on board.

Because of Iran sending missiles at a similar time it was thought that the aircraft could have been hit, however it has since been dropped and Ukraine officials are saying it was engine failure.

The flight recorders will now be checked as an investigation gets underway as to the real cause of the crash.

It has been said that the aircraft had been given a full check only a couple of days ago and passed to fly.

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