Public warned about a scam salesman flogging mattress toppers over the phone

Trafford Trading Standards are warning the public about a crafty salesman flogging £2000 mattress toppers over the phone.

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A call comes through giving the impression your details have been forwarded by Trafford Council, the NHS or from your doctors surgery, the caller then arranges for a visit to your home soon after.

When the man knocks on your door you will then see its a salesman and not someone from the NHS who’s only aim is to sell you a mattress topper, this is not only a scam but a complete rip off since you can get a mattress topper for around £60.

The NHS your doctor or any official will not share your details with anyone so if you get a call like this then put the phone down, never do business over the phone or at your door.

It is much better to either go to a store or do your business online making sure you do not click a link from an email, if you see anything with a ‘must have’ price then go to the official website by typing it in, check the product, if it is at a higher price then you know its a scam, you can also hover the mouse over the sender and it will show the senders details.

When buying online you have 14 days cooling off period which is a good thing, or if an item is faulty you can return it for a refund or replacement.

For more advice call Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline on 03454 04050

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