Super slimmers in Stretford and Urmston have lost a total of 3 tons in weight last year

Super slimmers in Stretford and Urmston have lost a whopping 3 tons in weight in the last 12 months.

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All together the members of the Humphrey Park, Urmston and All Saints, Stretford Slimming World groups are now 522 stones lighter than they were 12 months ago!

The members, who attend their group every week, follow Slimming World’s Food Optimising eating plan created by the organisation’s team of expert nutritionists, which encourages them to fill up on satisfying foods such as pasta, rice, potatoes, lean meat and fish, pulses and fruit and veg.

Janette Crump, who attends the Humphrey Park group has lost 3 stone 7 lbs to drop from dress size 22 to a dress size 10. She says:

“Filling up on lots of satisfying foods means you’re never hungry so I’ve never felt as though I was on a diet. Before I joined Slimming World I thought losing weight meant going to the gym and counting calories. But now I know it’s about making healthier choices about food and becoming a bit more active. Due to the fabulous weight loss Janette has found her confidence and has taken up running and often runs 5k or more a couple of times a week.

“Reaching this milestone as a group just proves the huge change that we’ve all made to our lives, some people who’ve lost significant amounts of weight have given themselves years back on their lives. It’s brilliant to celebrate together as well because that’s how we’ve been losing weight – together. Every week we support and encourage each other and share tips and recipes, and on top of that we have a lot of fun.

“The support and inspiration we get from our Consultant Suzanne has also been integral to our success. Because she’s lost weight herself, she understands the ups and downs of slimming and can offer us help and advice based on her own experience, without her I don’t think we’d have achieved nearly as much.”

Suzanne says:

“I’m delighted that my members have lost weight so beautifully. It has made a big difference to their lives and to their whole families’ lives, and all of them are happier and healthier now. Slimming has never been more important. There are 57% overweight and obese people in Trafford and I just want to help even more people to make real changes for life – there’s no better job satisfaction than that!”

Suzanne’s groups are held at All Saints Church, Barton Road, Stretford, M32 9RJ every Thursday at 5pm & 7pm and at Humphrey Park Community Centre, Humphrey Lane, Urmston, M41 9PT every Saturday at 8am & 10am. For more information or to join call Suzanne on 07879 082809.

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