Redrow Homes lodge an appeal as Trafford dither on its application to build 400 homes in Partington

Redrow Hones has lodged an appeal as Trafford Planning delay its application to build homes in Partington.


One part of where the Warburton Lane housing development could be built: Image Darren Marsden

The 400 new homes will be at either side of Warburton Lane on the borders of Partington and Warburton, the house builder has lodged an appeal because of the time Trafford Council has had the application and not made a decision they say is normally around 2 months.

It does seem to be a long time looking at this application, it seems all issues surrounding it has been resolved and it is not known what the hold up is.

Lot’s of Partington residents have objected to the proposal, also Warburton Parish Council, we have not yet seen any Trafford Labour objections, you will be reminded that they have said yes to the HIMOR monster housing development and Heath Farm Lane which is currently being delayed due to legal issues that we have been told should be sorted out very soon and work will then commence on Broadway.

Warburton residents will be hit hard if the housing development gets the nod at Trafford Planning, they have already had nothing but problems and continue to do so at Warburton Toll Bridge where pollution levels are off the scale.

Everything needs to be looked at with this housing development before councillors approve when it finely gets the light of day at a planning meeting.

The full appeal can be viewed here: https://publicaccess.trafford.gov.uk/online-applications/files/1806AE80B655143958D51A4114570D6F/pdf/98031_OUT_19-APPEAL_FORM-743107.pdf



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