Work on a single storey detached building at Partington Shopping Centre has to start this year or it could be rejected

Work on the single storey building next to Partington Shopping Centre must commence soon or it could be rejected by the council.

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Where the new single storey building is to be built: Image Google

The applicant has until April next year to commence work.

Partington Fish Bar objected to the development on grounds that it will affect the business, we did not see any other objections.

The single storey development is to be a cafe/takeaway and will have some retail space, as the shopping centre already has a cafe that is doing well, Sayers saved by the skin of its teeth by a private owner serving take away snacks and sandwiches, the chippy serving delicious kebabs and just about everything else they sell and not forgetting Subway moving in sometime soon we ask does the shopping centre need another cafe or takeaway?

Once work commences on this single storey building which has to be this year, we hope the applicant will have done his or her homework and see that the shopping centre does not need anymore takeaways or cafes, to ask the residents what they would like to see would have been our choice!

Meanwhile in other news, work on Heath Farm Lane should start soon, we are told only signing a legal agreement has caused the delays and should be signed off soon, the same situation has delayed the Peel housing development behind Lock Lane.

The Warburton Lane housing development has gone to appeal so it is hoped at the next planning meeting the application can finally see the light of day, going through all the documents we noticed Redrow are saying this is ‘not’ green belt land!

Thirteen new houses are to be built on Central Road where you will have now got used to all the boarding where the old Library and doctors used to be, this is also subject to a legal agreement that needs to be signed.

We are aware and have reported on the new land that has gone up for sale on Moss Lane opposite the park, could this be eyed up by yet another house builder? we will keep you updated.

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