Man United keeper escapes unhurt after crashing into road barriers

Manchester United goalkeeper Sergio Romero had a lucky escape this morning when his car smashed into road barriers.


Crashed car: Image social media

The club has confirmed it was the shot stopper who has always played second fiddle to David De Gea who remains Manchester United’s number one.

Romero was unhurt in the crash and was seen waiting next to the crashed vehicle.

A video was sent into us by Simon Burrows from Sale which you can see below:

At this time it seems  no other car was involved and it is not fully understood why Romero crashed the Lamborghini super car although conditions on the roads this morning was a bit slippy and had he been speeding he would have lost control.

For him to have gone under the barrier it must have been done at some speed, debris was scattered everywhere and police was on the scene soon after.

A cordon was placed around the car and the road from what we know was not closed down.

Carrington Spur leads on to Carrington Lane in Sale towards the Manchester United training ground.



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