CAAV warns landowners about the dangers of mobile phone masts and 5G

The CAAV (Central Association of Agricultural Valuers) have warned landowners of the dangers of mobile phone masts.

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Upgraded 4G mast in Timperley: Image by Darren Marsden

This is a significant new report by the CAAV who have asked landowners to request information on radiation exclusion zones from mobile phone network masts that are on their land.

Secretary and advisor to the CAAV said: “Though non-ionising, significant levels of exposure to the radio waves emitted by base stations on telecoms masts can affect health, requiring exclusion zones to protect people.”

The report goes on to say that with the addition of 5G the exclusion zones will be expanded significantly as the range of potentially dangerous radio waves is far greater than for 4G.

The government does not require operators to give details of zones to those they affect.

And according to the CAAV: “Exclusion zones are typically governed by the direction of the mast and the power being used, and are usually above ground level, with height exclusion depending on the height of the antennae. However, there is no requirement for operators to notify owners, site neighbours or the public of these areas.”

“Usually, that means that nobody but the operator knows the areas in which people might be at risk and so cannot manage liabilities,” says Mr Moody.

From the information to hand we can draw a conclusion that the mobile networks are not informing landowners and the public about the dangers of mobile phone masts and more so with 5G, we asked several people today on the roads in Sale and no one knew anything about an exclusion zone.

This also means our councillors are not telling people the truth, or simply they have been fed a pack of lies by people above them, after all they have to go along with what they are being told or they could end up kicked out.

With this new information how can they hide away now as they have been doing ever since the roll out of 5G started in the north of Trafford.

If you wish to belong to a Facebook group that deals with 5G and the felling of trees search “Trafford residents against 5G’

You can view the full report by the CAAV: https://www.caav.org.uk/Latest_News/2020/Beware_dangers_of_telecoms_masts.aspx?fbclid=IwAR2cwNbOs-7iqMgVICt8hFV2C4RqiATbBGQWmuLRUeclsNVkcvynTbGN9Xs

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