UPDATED: Second attempt for the first ever test flight of the Boeing 777X

Updated 26 January 2020

At last the new Boeing 777X was in the air to the delight of aviation fans around the world.

Screenshot 2020-01-24 at 6.43.50 PM

On 24 January 2020 the first attempt to get the new aircraft in the air did not go to plan with very bad weather conditions around the airport in Washington, however the aircraft did manage to take off and land safely the next day.

It is a much bigger aircraft than the 777-300 it has a longer cabin folding wing tips and a new carbon fibre wing with new  GE90- 115B engines.

Although many people around the world watched the live footage many will be thinking why would we need yet another aircraft when they have cause much of the words pollution problems.

Aircraft builders like Airbus and Boeing are starting to develop eco friendly aircraft, on Saturday BigJet TV shown live footage of a Boeing Dreamliner named ‘Greenliner’ take off from Manchester Airport.

This has come a little late however it is good that aircraft builders are doing something to tackle the pollution crisis and climate change.




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