Can you help a 6-year-old boy with an aggressive inoperable brain tumour?

Can you help bring some joy to a 6-year-old boy’s life after being diagnosed with an aggressive inoperable brain tumour?

Julie and John Heery from Flixton had two kids Laura and Adam, both now adults Adam emigrated to Australia in 2012 and had three children of his own, sadly he recently called his mum Julie to give the devastating news that his 6-year-old son Travis has got an aggressive inoperable brain tumour.
It was three weeks before Christmas day 2019 the call was made.
Travis it is claimed has only between 7 and 9-months life expectancy and the family believe with radiotherapy it will give him more time.
The problem is his radiotherapy sessions end on 11/02/2020.
A fundraising page was set up for Travis and has so far raised almost $25,000 Australian dollars, your donations would be automatically converted.
Travis mother Kaye Heery said:
“Anyone who has ever met our son Travis-has been loved by Travis (even random strangers we meet at the supermarket)  he has more love and softness than anyone I’ve met. There’s not one bad bone in his body.  But sadly,  there is a big ugly mass in his brain that we can’t defeat.
“Our boy will be home soon, and he will receive some radiation after Christmas. I guess before that I just need everyone who is a part of our extended wonderful collection of friends and family to make this next few weeks as beautiful and fun as possible before everything else steadily hits us.
“Please if you or your kids come into contact with our family and especially the little ones,  be mindful of what you tell them.  My little boy will know he has grown something in his big beautiful brain and will understand he is sick.
“He won’t know the true road he has ahead,  none of us do.  I want him to dream of all the amazing things he can do and never know that he doesn’t have his whole life ahead of him.

“Anyone who comes across this page will know that the family are wanting nothing more than to fill their boys life with joy and fun for as long as they have him.  Travis deserves the opportunity to experience as much happiness as possible and we ask that you give anything you can to help the family at this traumatic time.”

Please donate what you can to give to not only help this family with strong Trafford connections but also to help Travis in every way possible:

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