Fault lines, Arsenic in the soil and Warburton Lane housing development updates in Partington

New updates have now been seen about the Warburton Lane housing development in Partington

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Extended Warburton Lane housing development

As many will know Redrow homes are not very happy about the way the council has acted with the application and have since made an appeal so that it can be seen at a planning meeting.

They have also amended some of the original plans and have extended the eastern side of the hybrid development right over to the end of Moss Lane as can be seen in the above info-graphic.

We understand now why Trafford Council had compulsory purchased the farm on Chapel Lane, all of that will be for the housing development and bike paths which we have to say is very impressive, we are also aware that the western side of the development will also be extended and comes close to Coroners Wood which is protected.

This housing development is monster-sized and although Redrow has now issued amended plans which will also include walkways and a pedestrian crossing which is helpful we are very concerned about the traffic problems that this will create not just for Partington but in Warburton and surrounding areas.

The pollution rates will go very high, and we are incredibly concerned about other infrastructure which will not be apart of Redrow’s plans before anything is built the housebuilders need to look at what an area has, do they have enough shops? what are the medical facilities like? and of course what is the roads going to be like after being built, remembering that Peel will soon start building 550 homes behind Lock Lane, Heath Farm Lane and Broadway housing developments 600 or so on that site and land where Partington Social Club will be lots of homes and flats.

With HIMOR’s huge new village that will extend to Sale West, the entire area will be packed with cars even if they do add cycle routes! Partington and Warburton are going to suffer, the new people coming in will suffer, more time is needed to reflect on what good points we have always made for the good of those living in Partington and Warburton.

We have also found out that all around the Warburton Lane site is high levels of Arsenic in the soil and lots of gases, and two fault lines under the Partington estate! both fault lines go in a North Westerly direction.

A historic landfill has also been identified on the Warburton Lane site, all contamination will be gone before any work (if approved) goes ahead.

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