We will no longer be in the EU at 11pm but what will happen?

From 11pm tonight 31 January 2020 we will no longer be in the European Union (EU)

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The madness of years of debates and meetings oh and them dreaded votes where one was fighting the other in Parliament and getting nowhere has long gone, one of the worst ever General Elections ever known in the UK done and dusted and now we have arrived at the specific date that could make us or break us.

What does this mean though? well not a lot! once 11pm comes around we will be in a thing called ‘A transition period’ which helps the UK get its act together and sort out many things and most of it will be to do with trade.

So travel to the EU will be the same, living in any EU country the same, getting pensions in an EU country the same, no increases in prices for goods, no delays at ports, no issues with immigration and so on.

We have a year and then we are truly out of the EU, if the government has not sorted out things by then we will not get any assistance from any EU country.

Arguments will break out if things have not been sorted out, fishing will be one flash point, one thing that worries people is if the Tories upset anyone, whilst we are still on good terms with every country in the EU, after we leave it may be somewhat different, the feelings, the body language will be different.

The UK will trade with US which means chlorinated chicken, doctored beef and other things that we have been protected from, our NHS will slowly become privatised in a US style health care system.

Trafford voted to remain so many will be unhappy about tonight, it is though too late to do anything about it and we will have to accept that we will no longer be part of the EU and hope Boris and his chums get things right.

UK laws will change although not over night, Labour are still the main opposition party and will scrutinise everything, however with the Tories having so many MPs now it will be hard to stop them from putting the nail in the coffin.

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