Study finds the Ring Doorbell Android app has some serious security issues

When you buy the Ring Doorbell device you would expect it to be free of any security issues, sadly it seems this is not the case.

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According to the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) the app that you have to download for the doorbell to work has a lot of third party trackers such as Google and even Facebook.

A tracker can find out lots of personal information including your name, IP address, your mobile phone network and email address, sensor data and so on, what this does is gives analytics and trackers the ability to find out about your device and so snooping on you and your digital life.

The EFF also said even if you do not have Facebook installed the social media firm could still collect information about you and your device.

Even with a good anti virus on your Android phone it would make no difference, it is also claimed that using an old cheaper Android device is more likely to be more problematic than a newer up to date device.

Whilst the study done by the EFF nothing was said about IOS so we suggest you switch to Apple if you have Ring Doorbell.

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