BBC TV licence fee to rise from April: we have a legal guide for those that cannot afford a licence

The BBC TV Licence fee is to rise from April.


Although only an increase of £3 to £157.50 a year the rise has been slated by elderly charities and by many who cannot even afford to put some breakfast on the table for their kids before they go to school mostly due to needless austerity.

Ex footballer and TV presenter Gary Lineker hit the right notes by tweeting that the licence should be about choice, you either choose to watch BBC live programming or not, this would then mean the BBC would have to go subscription which in our view and many others is the right way to go.

Capita who earns millions of pounds from the contract to send out people to houses who are known to have no licence would be hit hard by a move to subscription only, it is widely felt this is why the BBC are not likely to move to a subscription only channel.

Boris Johnson has said in recent times that he will look at the criminal part of not having a licence, we agree! as it is causing fear to some incredibly vulnerable people, it also screws up the justice system, although we believe only two people was fined in 2016 and not the £1000 they brainwash you with.

We think the licence should be kicked out and have a subscription, the BBC could charge around £10 a month for subscription channels which would include radio and the iPlayer.

For now they continue to ask people to pay for the licence, over 75’s will have to pay also from June 2020 unless they get pension credits and many do not claim it.

The Tories hitting the most vulnerable again a tax, one person on Twitter said “it is time to make a stand with this rip off licence” others have called it a con from the start.

Here is a few ‘legal’ tips for you if you can or cannot pay the licence:

  • TV licence workers: they have no rights to be on your path, they are just normal people and have no rights whatsoever even if they tell you they do, often they can be very intimidating, it is for you to keep calm, do not offer any energy! tell the person nicely to leave and you will contact TV licencing, they will leave.
  • Get on to TV licencing and tell them of your situation, they are very helpful and seemingly understanding however they will not be able to offer anything outside of what they have, so it will be payment methods but it is much easier in the end.
  • If you do not watch live BBC TV listen to BBC radio or have the iPlayer then you do not need a licence, tell them that you only watch catch up and videos and you will not need any licence, however they will send someone out to check.
  • Remember you can send him or her away or do not answer.

So we have given you all the legal facts on what you can do and what they cannot, if you suspect a TV licence man or woman peering into your home take legal advice more so if you have children.

If one of them touches you for whatever reason this is classed as an assault and hopefully you or someone will have recorded this, it is your rights to record on your or public land even if they say you cannot,  they want to bully you into getting a licence, it’s wrong they should not do this however we know it happens, always record them! not in anyone’s face remember you do not want to get into trouble, stay out of his or her space.

And whatever you do, you must not follow what you have seen on any YouTube channel, deal with the reality and you will get a much better deal.

If you have the money to pay for this licence then you know what to do! many do not have the money and so this article is for them.

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