Trees are our lungs Trafford needs to stop chopping them down so 5G will work

We have had many emails and messages on Facebook about our previous article about Trafford Council cutting down all our trees.

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Yet again we can report many trees are to be either felled or cut in half after looking at the latest Trafford Council planning lists, felling down trees and cutting them in half does not need approval.

Many will be aware of the cutting of many smaller trees and other vegetation along the Bridgewater Canal tow path that has now made Walton Park look bare, more trees have come down in Bowdon and Hale.

Some trees do need to come down due to it either being dead or on its way out and poses a risk to the public, many trees though are being felled that are healthy, a dentist on Washway Road has recently cut down trees on its property, it is not known if they had permission to cut these trees down.

We will not let the council get away with this just so 5G will work, and are currently looking at getting members of the public who are concerned about not only 5G but also the environment who agree the council needs to stop cutting down our trees.

It is completely hypocritical of the leader to say that people in Greater Manchester are dying because of pollution yet his same council is cutting down all our trees, it is true also he has shown no care when it comes to electromagnetic frequencies and the health issues that will come about when 5G is fully working, the public deserve to be told by the council of where the masts are to be installed and when the antennas and smaller masts will be on lampposts, this secrecy is fuelling public concerns.

This Friday Urmston will have a full 5G mast and 12 antennas installed on Higher Road, the mast will be double what it is now and many people will see it for some distance once installed, because it will come with antennas the mast will be a MIMO (Massive input massive output)  which is higher powered meaning many beams of radiation will be in the air once all is set up.

This will cause local people health issues, if you live in the area and you start to suffer from nose bleeds, more headaches, or other symptoms that you never had before please contact us as soon as you can, we have contacted Urmston councillors and with regret have no idea how dangerous and different this technology has, this fuels debate as to why this is, simply all we can gather is that the mobile networks are giving so much money to the council councillors have been told to shut up or they get kicked out,

We will be sending someone out to Urmston to video what they are doing and will be uploading to our YouTube channel.

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