Woman in a critical condition after being knocked down on Washway Road in Sale

Police responded to calls that a woman had been knocked down by a HGV on Washway Road in Sale.

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The collision happened at around 2.30pm today 4 February 2020 opposite M&S.

It seems from where we was the accident happened at the crossing and a pool of blood was visual.

The lorry came to a stop at the junction, from our position we could not see any skid marks from the lorry.

This was a bad accident and the woman remains in a critical condition with a life threatening injury.

One officer was visibly shaken by the incident although continued to make sure the cordon was in place due to the nature of the incident, all roads was around the scene was blocked apart from Oakfield Road.

The road remains shut to south bound traffic and you are advised to choose an alternative route.

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