Emirates A380 aborted three attempts to land in Manchester then diverts to Frankfurt

With Storm Ciara in full swing passengers on a Manchester bound Emirates A380 had a bit of a shock.

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After the aircraft tried to land it went around known as ‘A go around’ it went into a holding pattern and then came back for another go, it still could not land, using FlightRadar 24 a live aircraft tracking app, the Emirates super jumbo was looking like it was heading for Birmingham, however it turn back on itself again and tried to land in Manchester.

For a third time the Emirates jet failed to land, and decided to do something passengers must have thought could never happen, the flight crew went out of the country! it looked likely to land at Amsterdam, it was soon clear though that it was not Amsterdam with the aircraft at 39,000ft no one knew what was happening.

The airport of choice was announced on social media to be Frankfurt which is miles away from Manchester, it landed safely however passengers will need to either wait for the Emirates A380 to fuel up and get going again or to catch another flight with another airliner which means they will need to pay for the flight.

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Jerry Dyer Big Jet TV

Aircraft all around the UK was having problems, at Heathrow Airport in London the Big Jet TV guy Jerry Dyer was out on top of his van strapped down and braving the wind so he could show live footage of aircraft landing.

More than fifteen aircraft did a go around due to the wild conditions, when the aircraft did manage to touch down it looked very sketchy making for a very good live stream that was viewed by thousands of people.

The wind was so bad at times his voice was not clear, the live stream cut out at one point due to some cable snapping, the man was back though to the delight of many of his subscribers.

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