Work on the Heath Farm Lane hybrid housing development has started in Partington

Work has started on the Heath Farm Lane housing development in Partington.

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All trees have been destroyed including some very healthy looking trees, the site is huge and could easily include some much needed shops.

People on Broadway will have to put up with a lot of disruption although the house builder will try hard to minimise the impact to existing residents.

Local people again spoke with us at the site and told the same story we hear all the time about how the councillors are rubbish and do not represent them, we would prefer it was the other way around.

The hybrid housing development was delayed due to a legal handshake between the house builder and the council, this is also the case it seems with Peel and the 550 housing development behind Lock Lane which will really impact on existing residents.

We are told by residents that they have they been largely ignored about concerns with the roads, it is a real concern that people have including shopping and medical infrastructure that no house builder cares about.

Trafford Council are to charge motorists for waiting in queues with the engine running soon using CCTV cameras, they will get a lot of money soon then with Manchester Road blocked for hours, Sinderland Lane will crumble and the very possibility of the 247 stopping the Altrincham service due to traffic conditions could be on the cards.

Traffic will swell in the area once everything is built and only one small road is being built, the GMSF (Greater Manchester Spacial Framework) plans for a transit road must be brought forward from 2045 if Partington and Warburton are to survive.

Heath Farm Lane is underway, and houses will be built by the end of the year and will let early 2021, work will then begin on the larger housing development, by then other housing developments will also be nearer completion.

Next year the population in Partington will swell to around 10,000 people it will swell again to around 12,000 the year after and more the next, how many cars will this mean on the roads? look at your shops now do you think they will cope? with regular traffic jams on Manchester Road deliveries will be hit from Royal Mail and all the other parcel companies, buses will be hit, the only way around it is to cycle which is a good thing! however this is not an option for some people.

The people had a say! however nothing was listened to, your local councillors betrayed you! no matter what they say or think, we ask concerned people to get together as one group and fight hard for what is right.

It is too late now to stop Heath Farm Lane, way to late to stop HIMOR building a massive village, and too late to stop Peel, the others have not yet been approved such as Warburton Lane and the other housing development that is to be built on land where Partington Social Club is, we think both will be approved.

For anything else beyond this Partington people will be shouting with one voice and will be heard!

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