Good news for Partington despite HS2 getting the green light

HS2 (High Speed Rail) will now happen after UK prime minister Boris Johnson gave the project the green light.

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This means Partington and Warburton will be affected by this news, this on top of everything else that is going on around them must be feeling a little confusing right now, we would normally give the political councillors a red ear however even with them campaigning against it HS2 would have been built.

We do have some good news though for Partington residents, we have been in contact a fair bit with HS2 and they have moved the line further south, however Warburton residents will now be complaining as the line comes much closer to them.

Warburton Lane will likely to have a level crossing on it when the rail is being built.

The line can no longer be moved after looking at the revised layout map, things may change though for the Manchester Airport station as MP Graham Brady says the station is not anywhere near Manchester Airport and will destroy ancient woodland something HS2 need to look at.

We are very happy though with HS2 Ltd as our wishes have been granted that not only Partington residents will be less impacted by the rail line but also an ancient burial mound and Coroners Wood have been protected.

The Prime Minister also pledged £5bn of funding for new buses and cycle paths, which really means paint on roads which does nothing to keep cyclists safe.

We are contacting TFGM and other companies about making sure Partington has a proper bus service going forward, with the thousands of new people set to be living in the village in the next few years transport will really need to change, the PM also said new roads are to be built.

It is possible the Altrincham to Sale bypass might now be back on the cards, something we will try and get for Trafford, of course it will take everyone to speak with MPs and local councillors to put some pressure on the government to get this bypass, it will help take away traffic from Washway Road which is very much needed, if only half of the amount of traffic is diverted away this will be of help to just about everyone and will clean up the air a little.





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